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Top 10 Product Information Management Solutions Companies - 2022

The emerging trends in e-commerce have driven increased demand for product information management (PIM) solutions capable of seamlessly synchronizing with product syndication deployments and delivering true value. At the same time, the skyrocketing adoption of retail automation is also contributing to the need for PIM solutions that can unify all product-related information and enable faster and more impactful strategy development and decision-making. In the current market, where businesses are constantly battling to attract and retain consumers, PIM solutions are accelerating internal processes to enhance data management and help employees focus on critical tasks that can boost revenue generation. In 2022, the PIM market was valued at $12.2 billion, which is predicted to grow and reach $23.8 billion by 2027. This expected increase in popularity is indirectly influencing brick-and-mortar retail outlets to adopt PIM software to expand their digital footprint and capitalize on the vast customer datasets to develop robust strategies that can grow their revenue.

Moving forward, the advancements and growing demand for PIM solutions are poised to continue increasing as businesses seek newer ways to quickly and optimally bring their products to market. From a technology standpoint, future PIM systems will have even more dedicated integrations with next-gen AI bots, facilitating the collection of customer preference data from the very start of every engagement with a retailer. Similarly, PIM offerings are also connecting with supply and value chains to establish an end-to-end infrastructure that connects all the in-house, market, and customer-facing facets of a product’s journey.

This edition of Retail Tech Insights presents some of the most promising product information management solution providers. The issue also showcases innovative solutions from leading companies like Data Council, which provides a PIM solution that combines enterprise-grade data management capabilities with powerful commerce solutions. Also featured is Zobrist Software Group, a full-service web agency focused on delivering enterprise and mid-market eCommerce websites backed by the IBM WebSph

    Top Product Information Management Solutions Companies

  • Zobrist Software Group, Inc. provides enterprise-level e-commerce storefronts, mobile commerce applications, and managed services to e-commerce businesses. Over the years, the company has helped many industry leaders like Vans to optimize their smart merchandising capabilities and generate millions in online revenue.

  • Data Council

    Data Council

    Data Council is known for its exceptional product content creation, management, and syndication platforms, IX-ONE and RIVIR. Starting off as a full-service content provider in specialty, natural and organic industry, Data Council revolutionizes how product content is seamlessly populated in real-time, maintained and shared among the trading partner community.

  • Akeneo


    Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions that help merchants and brands deliver a compelling customer experience across all sales channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, and retail points of sale.

  • Catsy


    Catsy is a pioneer in product content management, syndication, and content analytics technology that makes it easy for brands to drive growth with ecommerce. Catsy's solution saves time by centralizing product attributes and digital assets on one platform to syndicate across online marketplaces and e-retailers.

  • censhare


    censhare's proven omnichannel content platform lets everyone master their content in any language, locally or globally, to provide a consistent omnichannel customer experience. Clients like Allianz, Lands’ End, Dyson, Christie’s and hundreds more rely on censhare to deliver brand accurate, up-to-date content, and make the most of every opportunity to reach the right customer at the right time.

  • Channel Software

    Channel Software

    Channel Software is a software and services company addressing today’s diverse B2B eCommerce requirements of the channel sales industry. With its powerful CSX eCommerce software platform and eCommerce consulting services, Channel Software helps drive the success of ERP integrated eCommerce for industries that include: wholesale, manufacturers, manufacturer rep, distribution, field ordering, and IoT.

  • Dynamicweb


    Dynamicweb offers a cloud based eCommerce suite to enable customers deliver better digital customer experiences and to scale eCommerce success through Content Management, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, and Product Information Management solutions.

  • Flxpoint


    Flxpoint was built with the mission to help retailers and brands work better together in the modern world of multi-source, multi-channel commerce. Flxpoint’s design and workflow engine allows to solve the most complex 3rd party and dropship fulfillment workflows and inventory management pain points better than legacy software focused primarily on the traditional wholesale relationship.

  • Inriver


    Inriver is a product information management company, which delivers accurate, relevant product information across every channel and touchpoint— quickly and easily. The company provides one fully integrated, multi-tenant SaaS PIM solution that helps businesses to increase sales, streamline product data syndication, and scale.

  • Talkoot


    Talkoot stores and syndicates product information, facilitating a single source of truth for product stories. By organizing product information and stories, the company centralizes copy assets to ensure the correct version is used by the relevant teams.

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